Update on Funeral Planning and COVID-19

The loss of anyone from our lives at any time is difficult, although dealing with the practical aspects of arranging a funeral is normally quite straightforward.

However, due to the ongoing emergency, things are much more complex. We will do everything we can, with the utmost compassion and care,  to help and assist you to arrange things as efficiently as possible during the present disruption.

If the death of your loved one has taken place at home, care environment or in hospital and a death certificate (MCCD – Form 11) has been issued, the doctor will send this electronically to the Registrar in your local area. The doctor will then send the hard copy by post to the Registrar. (Should the death be reported to the Procurator Fiscal, we will liaise with them and keep you informed as to the progress of matters).

In the interim, one of our staff will send you a pro forma questionnaire asking the questions the Registrar would normally ask. You can either complete this and return it, or if it is easier, we can speak with you by phone and ask the questions.

We can also then begin to arrange the actual funeral. In line with the policy being adopted by most funeral companies and in an attempt to stay within social distancing guidelines, we would prefer to do this remotely, by telephone and/or e-mail.

There are a number of services which have been withdrawn from normal protocols associated with traditional funeral arrangements;

  • No limousines
  • No floral tributes – we will provide silk artificial flower arrangements for all funerals free of charge
  • Restricted numbers attending at crematorium or cemetery
  • No family bearers
  • No services in churches although ministers, priests and celebrants will conduct services/ceremonies at the crematorium or cemetery

However, you can still, at this time, choose a coffin (a brochure will be sent electronically or by post), pay your respects at strategic funeral home locations, within our temporary pandemic guidelines, but once again with restricted numbers attending. Your funeral arranger will furnish you with our temporary pandemic guidelines on paying of respects during the arrangement process.

Because extended family and friends are unable to attend, we will be offering bereaved families an obituaries page on our website. This will allow family and friends the opportunity to express their sympathy and add a tribute.

We will contact the crematorium or cemetery you wish to use and the officiant or celebrant you would like officiate at the service. Once a day and time has been confirmed we will notify you.

Please be assured that all our staff will endeavour to offer you the best service and compassionate care they can in what are becoming extremely difficult and challenging times.

We are also finding it very difficult not to be able to provide physical solace at this time but we hope our words and actions will be testament to how much we care.  Your family is our family.  Now and always.

If you need assistance at any time, please contact us at any time on 0141 423 4400 or email: info@andersonmaguire.co.uk


Dominic Maguire