A choice of ways to say goodbye

Whether it is at a crematorium of their choice or burial in a graveyard, we can help you give a dignified farewell to your loved one, according to their wishes.


Whether you wish to plan a simple traditional graveside service at a particular cemetery in Glasgow or a themed burial with a more personalised farewell, or a greener choice in a peaceful woodland setting outside the city, we can help arrange every aspect of a burial. Our compassionate, expert team will carefully explain all the options available to you and help you create a funeral service to meet all your needs.

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Cremations can take place with or without a traditional service. The choice is personal and based on the deceased’s wishes. The type of service you have at the cremation is your choice and we can guide you on your decisions.  We have close links with crematoria across Glasgow and this means we can ensure everything is carried out according to those wishes.

After the cremation ceremony, you have a number of options as to how you would wish the committal of the ashes. How you do this is a very personal choice and we will gently guide you to help fulfil your wishes. See Dispersal of Ashes below on some of the options available.

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Female Scattering The Cremated Ashes Of A Loved One

Dispersal of ashes

Many families choose a special place to scatter the ashes of their loved one. Whether you plan to do this at a local beauty spot, at sea, a sports venue or a special place of your choosing, we can advise you on what permissions you might need and what protocols to follow. Alternatively, others prefer the ashes to be scattered at a garden of remembrance or to permanently house them in a grave.

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