Putting together a more memorable, more meaningful service

We have helped thousands of Glasgow families get through this emotional and trying time and we will help you. There are lots of ways we can make everything simpler and easier.

One decision that’s easy to make

Arranging a funeral is a very emotional, often confusing and daunting experience for many families.  By choosing Anderson Maguire, everything you need is in the one place. One point of contact. One expert and friendly face to help you.  Your every need will be taken care of with the utmost attention to detail.

Sometimes traditional, sometimes modern, always personal

We have helped organise every kind of service and celebration. From quiet, traditional church services to woodland memorials, motorbike cavalcades, and horse-drawn carriage processions. Whatever your loved one’s beliefs, religion, passions or hobbies, we can help you personalise a funeral service which uniquely honours the life of your loved one.  We will arrange all the special details, from flowers to caskets, catering to headstones, individualised music playlists and our cortege fleet, we will help you create a fitting and loving tribute for your loved one.

Embalmers at Anderson Maguire


Every life is precious and every life is unique. At Anderson Maguire we believe that the funeral which honours a life should also be unique.

Helping families lay their loved one to rest in a sensitive, dignified and meaningful way is at the heart of everything we do.

Whether the funeral is a cremation without a service; a simple, quiet family funeral or a grand public event, the supportive and compassionate staff of Anderson Maguire will be there to guide with the utmost compassion and care.

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