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Funeral plans FAQs2018-10-25T12:00:20+01:00

Questions and Answers

Here is a list of the most common questions that we get asked.

What if I live to be 100?2020-03-05T21:37:36+00:00

No matter how long you live and how much the cost of funerals may increase, once your funeral plan is paid in full you are guaranteed there will be no more to pay for the funeral director’s services you have specified.

There are some third party costs known as disbursements that are outwith our control, (Such as crematorium orcemetery costs.) An allowance is included for these disbursements. Only if these costs increase faster than the growth in the Trust might there be a balance to pay.

What if I change my mind?2020-03-05T21:37:57+00:00

Should you wish to cancel within 30 days of receiving your plan documents simply return them for a full refund. If you cancel the plan at a later date you will be refunded the amount you have paid less a cancellation charge.

What if I move home?2020-03-05T21:38:18+00:00

Please advise us immediately of any change of address. Should you move to a different area the funeral planning company can transfer your plan to a funeral director in your new location. Funeral costs however do vary from area to area and you will be advised of any difference in cost and the funeral director at your new location may not be able to offer the same guarantee as the Anderson Maguire Plan offers.

Can I choose to pay by instalments?2020-03-05T21:38:37+00:00

Anderson Maguire can offer a range of flexible payment options to suit your circumstances. However it does cost more to pay by instalments because of the extra administration involved.

What if I die before I complete the instalments?2020-03-05T21:39:01+00:00

Should you die before completing the instalments your funeral will be carried out provided arrangements have been made for the balance to be paid by your representative. Alternatively the plan can be cancelled and the amount paid will be refunded subject to a cancellation charge.

Are there any health or age restrictions?2020-03-05T21:39:21+00:00

Acceptance is guaranteed, there are no health restrictions and unlike some insurance based plans there are no age limits.

What if I die away from home?2020-03-05T21:39:41+00:00

If you intend to travel abroad we recommend you take out travel insurance that fully covers repatriation costs back to our premises. Should you die within the UK while away from your permanent address we will quote for any extra cost involved.

Can I amend my plan at any time?2020-03-05T21:40:05+00:00

Yes. We understand that you may change your mind and wish to make changes at a later date. Simply contact us and we will amend the plan.

Can I take out a plan on behalf of someone else?2020-03-05T21:40:26+00:00

Yes. Sometimes it is easier to arrange things on behalf of others to save them upset or distress. All we need is the name, address and date of birth of the person and we will then send all correspondence to you.

How do I know my money will be safe?2020-03-05T21:40:53+00:00

Since January 2002 funeral plans have been subject to regulation under The Financial Services & Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) Order 2001 to ensure proper consumer protection for the security of customer’s money and delivery of the funeral in the future.

Our funeral plans are provided in association with a national funeral plan provider that has been accepted as a registered provider by the Funeral Planning Authority (FPA) the regulatory body for the sale and administration of funeral pre-payment plans in the UK.

All payments are made directly into the Trust. The accounts of the Trust are monitored annually by independent actuaries and checked by independent auditors. Payment for the funeral can only be withdrawn from the Trust once the service has been provided or the plan cancelled. All payments are made direct to the Trust whose assets are legally separate from the assets of the funeral planning company and Anderson Maguire.

What will I receive?2020-03-05T21:41:16+00:00

The funeral planning company will send you all your funeral plan documents in a handy folder, a brochure, details of your chosen plan together with a covering letter confirming your payment method and total cost of the plan.

If you are making a single payment within 28 days of purchase the funeral planning company will send you a funeral plan guarantee certificate. This will confirm your plan details and that there will be no more to pay for the funeral director’s services itemised.

For instalment plan customers, your pre-payment plan will be confirmed and the guarantee certificate will be issued when it is fully paid.

The guarantee certificate comes complete with practical information for your relatives or executor on what they should do at the time of the funeral, your personal wishes and where your important documents are kept.

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