Professional Associations – It’s a Win Win for Everyone

As a committed advocate of professional associations and the importance they play in helping your business to succeed, Dom Maguire has not only been a member of relevant industry bodies including NAFD (National Association of Funeral Directors), but has proactively endorsed and supported associations throughout his whole career.  It is an ethos which we continue to follow, providing numerous tangible and intangible benefits and a driving force in our level of professionalism since we launched in 1982.

As members of NAFD, we are able to interact with intelligent, like-minded people who have the interests of the funeral profession and its’ reputation at heart.  We have a fantastic network of people who face similar challenges and who have a vast knowledge on solutions which we can share.  We are experts at what we do because we fully embrace Continuous Professional Development and this is what sets us apart as Glasgow’s leading independent family funeral firm.

Membership of NAFD and other professional associations, such as Family Business United (FBU), reassures our clients on the values we have at the heart of everything we do to provide the best possible service to our clients.  They know that NAFD is dedicated to maintaining the highest of standards for the funeral profession to ensure bereaved families receive the advice and support they need and deserve. All NAFD members abide by a strict code of conduct.  Our Chairman Dom Maguire has been Past-President of NAFD, Spokesman for NAFD for over 20 years and was recently awarded Honorary Membership of NAFD.  Only 31 people have ever received this honour in NAFD’s 115-year history and Dom is the first Scottish-based funeral director to have received this accolade.

By embracing NAFD and other relevant associations, we are underlining our commitment to our clients and continually investing in the professionalism of the funeral services sector.  Do you agree that being members of industry associations benefits your business?