Virtual Memorial Services Via Facebook

Honouring All Those We Have Lost

The Service

Open to Everyone (whether or not the service was conducted by Anderson Maguire), our Virtual Memorial Service will be premiered on Facebook over two evenings.

  • Loved ones (surnames with initials A- M) will be honoured on Wednesday 16th December 2020 at 7pm
  • Loved ones (surnames with initials N – Z), will be honoured on Thursday 17th December 2020 at 7pm.

In order to watch the Online Memorial Service on the evening, please visit our Facebook page, LIKE our page and REGISTER for the event.

Once you are registered for the event, you will receive a notification from Facebook 20 minutes before the event to let you know that the service will begin shortly.

Register Your Loved One

Our Service back in June 2020

We know that circumstances have been very difficult recently and many of our clients were not able to give their loved one the funeral service they would have liked Open to everyone, we invited those who have been bereaved recently to submit their loved one’s name to be read out and a candle lit in their honour at our Virtual Memorial Service which was held on 25th June 2020.