Family Business, Family Values

Anderson Maguire Funeral Directors was founded in 1982 by Dominic Maguire. It is one of the top three independent family run funeral directors in Scotland with eleven branches throughout Glasgow and a head office in Hamilton Street, Glasgow. Throughout its 33 years in operation, it has remained a steadfastly independent, family owned and run business. Statistics prove that approximately 62% of Funeral Directors in the UK are still owned and managed by families and I believe that figure will remain high for many generations due to the nature of the service we provide.

Anderson Maguire has a special legacy to the people of Glasgow and the communities we work in. Everyone who works for Anderson Maguire is part of the family and we have a staff culture of providing a caring and compassionate service. Many employees’ families have enjoyed several generations of parents, children, spouses, siblings and cousins working with Anderson Maguire. Keeping a stable and extremely reliable workforce has long been a core strength of our company, with many employees having worked with Anderson Maguire for more than 15 years.

Apart from excellent employee loyalty, we have continued to succeed as a family business because we are part of the community and the personal relationships we build with families endures throughout the generations. By doing what we do very well through our inherent empathy with our clients, we have built a loyalty to our family business and it is the backbone of our success. We have and will continue to eschew the takeover by the large, faceless corporate companies who may provide a reasonably good service but cannot provide the level of personalisation we give to everyone who comes to us at their time of need. Although we are very progressive in continually evolving, we strongly adhere to our ethos that personal contact is paramount to maintaining excellent client relationships. We deliver what we promise and it is this commitment which has helped insulate Anderson Maguire from low-cost competitors.

Our core strengths are:

  • We care about our clients and their families – we know them personally and we are interested in them, building strong and lasting relationships
  • We provide a unique client experience – if it matters to you, it matters to us
  • We don’t just provide a funeral service – our ongoing support is why we have such a high level of client loyalty.

Anderson Maguire is a company which, in an increasingly aggressive commercial environment, punches well above its weight. As a Glasgow based family business employing over 50 local people, our success is not rocket science; it is quite simply through providing the best personal service we can to our clients at one of the most critical times in their lives.